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What to Wear: The Rainiest Day of Summer

“Everyone’s got the message but me. Rubber boots, and high tops, and skirts below the knee. Everyone’s got the message but me. So why am I still laughing? Why am I still laughing?”

so sings Elizabeth & the Catapult on one of their tracks ‘The Rainiest Day of Summer’.

With the crazy summer weather everyone’s been having, dressing up has become a matter of functionality. Having just missed awful typhoon weather in Hong Kong and lousy overcast weather in Singapore, I was really lucky to have sunny skies during my trip. It’s been flooding everywhere in Asia, but extremely hot in Europe and NYC, I hear. And when you have rain in the summer, it seems we are always the most unprepared for it.

So thought I’d do a post on what to wear during a rainy summer day – I’d probably stay away from rubber boots though, because somehow they are very hard to pull off. More often than not because you come away looking like a washing lady in Asia. I’d probably opt for some more fashionable jelly/rubber sandals, easy layers and shorter hemlines that would work for rain or hot weather. And of course, some cute umbrellas to start with!

Option 1:

Shirt by Urban Outfitters, Printed Romper by Urban Outfitters, Belt from Target, Jelly sandal by Xhilaration

Option 2:

Tank by Urban Outfitters, Anorak by Urban Outfitters, Cropped Pant from Express, Jelly shoes from Vivienne Westwood for Melissa

Option 3:

Dress from Victoria’s Secret, Necklace from Monsoon, Tie-back Jelly Sandals from See by Chloe

All umbrellas from

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