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What I Want to Wear Now aka Fantasy Wardrobe

So a status update: I am still living out of my suitcase that contained only 2.5 week’s worth of clothes & am unable to gain access to my full wardrobe…UGH!!
It is almost a nightmare – I am still living in my summer casuals, when really it should be nice & dark & wintry. I do love having my complete set of things around me, because I often dress according to my mood that day.
With the help of the Polyvore website (which is a neat fashion collage/trend board website), I have come up with 3 different looks as part of my envisioned “Fantasy Wardrobe”. This is why I like to blog about fashion, because I can search for lovely expensive clothing & post delightful photos of them but my wallet stays fat. After all, how many people can really afford both the lovely Acne wedge boots AND that Thakoon shirt?..


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