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I really like this brand from Japan & the styling that they do. Usually Asian brands are a little more feminine, but they are starting to show their edgy side too. Edgy + glamorous, if that’s possible.
Sometimes I feel that brands from the US or UK are too edgy & too raw, like some girls are trying too hard to be the next Erin Wasson or Rumi Neely. I mean edgy doesn’t always have to be super shredded jeans, some sort of drapey knit top (preferably cropped, ripped or has very huge armholes) or black strappy 4 inch platform booties loaded with zippers, fringe or studs. I mean it looks very cool & kudos to those who can pull it off, but I prefer something a little more relaxed & polished. How about a more modern take on “edgy”? (How about coming up with a new word for “edgy”…)

pics from murua.co.jp

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