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How to Wear Belt Bags and Fanny Packs| Fashion Trends 2018


Yup you heard it right, fanny packs are back in fashion! Of course these aren’t your 90s style fanny packs, but they’ve been upgraded and luxed up. Cue the parade of It girls like Kendall Jenner, Rocky Barnes, Aimee Song wearing the latest Gucci belt bag around their waist recently. But how does this fashion trend work for the rest of us? For anyone who isn’t a size 0-2 model or blogger, how can you pull off this look while still looking stylish and not adding bulk? We give you the lowdown on how to wear it in a stylish way that fits your body.

1. Slung around the waist



As the conventional way of wearing a fanny pack, this is great especially if you want to accentuate your waistline. Those that want to add some definition to your waist, maybe because you have a boyish figure with no curves, this way of carrying your fanny pack or belt bag would help to break up your silhouette.

2. Across the chest


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We love this look for bulkier fanny packs that you can sling across your chest. Wearing the bag this way is a more sporty look, and goes well with a loose sweater or simple T-shirt and pants combo. Once again, the bag will add bulk to the area you wear it at, so if you have a bigger chest, you might want to avoid wearing it this way.

3. Over your coat



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Wearing the belt bag over your long coat is a new cool way to style the bag, and adds interest to a simple neutral colored coat. Pair a tan trench with a black belt bag or other brighter colour for some contrast. You can also wear a darker thicker coat or jacket, but keep it simple by matching the belt bag to your other accessories like your shoes or pick a close shade of colour to your coat. Keep the coat or jacket slim, by choosing a trenchcoat or lightweight jacket.

4. Through your belt loops


Instead of wearing the belt bag over your coat, you could wear it inside instead. Some bloggers wear the entire bag through the loops of their jeans or pants, making the overall outfit look slimming and has less focus on the bag. Wearing the bag this way allows the wearer to blend the belt bag into the rest of the outfit. It’s really just wearing a belt with a pouch on it, just make sure that the bag is smaller in size to continue to pull off this look effortlessly.


Tips on choosing the right belt bag/fanny pack

  • Look for a bag with smaller gussets for a slimming look
  • Look for a smaller sized bag, but still big enough to fit your essentials
  • Wear it snugly on your waist versus loosely on your hips, which add bulk
  • Wear slimmer belt bags around your waist
  • Wear bulkier bags across your chest
  • If you’re worried about bulk, look for flat envelope style belt bags
  • Choose a bag made of leather to luxe up the style versus nylon or polyester


Some of our favourite belt bags to buy now:


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Left to Right: Rachel Comey Ida Fringe Fanny Pack, Rebecca Minkoff Bree Belt Bag, VereVerto Ado Convertible Belt Bag. 


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From Left to Right: Lovestrength X Revolve Penny belt bagClare V. Fanny Pack Desert Stripe, See by Chloe Kriss Belt Bag.

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