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These days, you can’t just wear one piece of jewellery anymore- it’s too safe & boring. Try these new, trendy ways on how to accessorize & style yourself. Once you’ve mastered that, you can read our upcoming post on how to mix prints & put them together with your accessories.

How to Layer your accessories:

Stacked rings- Stick with a color theme & make sure the rings match, either all gold or silver etc. You can match different types of rings – bands, diamonds, but they should be similar widths. Preferably stack up to 3 or 4 rings at the most.

Layered necklaces- The easiest way to do is to choose 1 short & 1 longer necklace in the same color theme. It is also easier if they are similar in style, ie. simple chain necklaces with pendants.

Arm party – It’s about stacking as many bracelets are you can on 1 arm. The idea is make sure everything matches. Tip: Choose a color theme – gold/silver/colorful/pearls/ black & white etc and match the bracelets around that theme. Preferably use medium width bracelets so that the overall look is not too chunky & overdone.

Accessory trends to try:

Ear cuffs – As someone who doesn’t have pierced ears, this is a convenient way to get some ear bling without any pain. I love some of the floral/art deco designs that are in stores these days.

Bodychains – These go well with simple bodycon dresses which need a little bit of dazzle but in an edgy way. This is similar to the leather harness trend but in a more delicate and simple styling.

Chain Bracelets – Simple & delicate, these new type of bracelet connects the chain around your wrist to a ring piece on your finger as well. Another trendy statement piece that’s not too difficult to pull off.
Tip: Choose a simple design & continue to pile on other matching rings & bracelets to create a combo piece, or keep it plain with a minimalist outfit.

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