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Fashion shows: Audi Fashion Festival, Blueprint & Tokyo Girls Collection

Managed to catch the Mango show at the Audi Fashion Festival as my friend C got tickets to the show. Also attended the Blueprint trade show at the F1 pit building, which was pretty impressive. I did not expect that many labels to be there, and the overall quality of the show was up there. Hopefully, they will be able to get more South East Asian designers to participate in the future shows.

However, what really struck me about the Mango fashion show was the scene in the Mango store after the fashion show. There were many customers who were so excited by the clothing they had seen in the show that they went straight out to buy it afterwards. As the clothing shown on the runway were of current collections in the stores, customers had instant access to their desired purchases! A total win-win for the customer and the retailer.

It isn’t like this concept is new, but I think Singaporeans still tend to think that runway shows are more for haute couture or expensive designer labels. One fashion capital that has really perfected this concept of the current collection fashion show is probably Tokyo. Twice every year, popular domestic fashion brands come together to host the Tokyo Girls Collection. Japanese brands like Alba Rosa, Beams, Ravijour that are often featured in domestic magazines like ViVi and S Cawaii are showcased on the runway, and items shown are available for purchase from your seat via mobile phones. Talk about “fast fashion”. I foresee inventory turnovers skyrocketing.

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