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    I like the PS guys because they’re very consistent. They bring these new techniques & fabrications to their collections, and yet each time, you can always tell it’s their style. They may use a similar color tone, lots of prints with black based backgrounds etc, but it always seems different to me. Plus it’s always so ladylike (those skirts that end just above the knee!) but with such a cool edge and never boring , any girl can still wear it out. This is a brand legacy in the making!!   source

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    Ahh! HK in the summer – welcome to muggy weather, beaches & the hot, hot sun! Everywhere in the fashion district I saw shirtless workers hanging out in the shade, it was hard to imagine FW collections (with faux fur, suede & tweed fabrics) in that kind of weather. I ate a lot of ice cream, shopped til I almost missed my flight & discovered lots of lovely new accessories & ideas to bring back here, all in preparation for my next bazaar on 31st July at the Cathay building! The things I do for work! hahaa…     window shopping at Causeway Bay   design centric toilets at Admiralty-…

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    Great showcase of Dali’s sculptures, sketches & other rather eccentric work at the Art Science Museum at Marina Bay Sands. Dali definitely has his own thing going on – his own symbols frequently referenced in his work, very sensual imagery, his magnificient moustache! etcetc. Someone who doesnt really follow the crowd. Very inspiring really, as an artist… “The road less travelled” right? Sometimes I feel very much like i’m always on that untrodden path, that people don’t really ‘get’ me. Ahh just some musings on this Monday..         gotta have this “lips sofa”..       really into flowery prints lately..

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    I got an email from a London-based illustrator Yiunam and he let me know about his fashion illustration blog at http://yiunamleung.blogspot.com/. He’s got such an amazing talent in illustrating the human form & clothing with a variety of materials in such an artistic way. I can tell you honestly that I wish I could sketch like that, so I really wanted to share the sketches with you. Hope you can visit his blog as well for more images & he also sells prints on her sketches there! Love it! I’d love to feature you any day, you know if you’re a little indie start-up or up&comer! We gotta stick together & support each other!!…