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    Wow.. a barrage of fashion events happening locally this week! First up, my ex-schoolmate runs an online store called Social is having a fashion show & pop-up store at Lucky13 tonight. Selling brands from SoCal (southern California) and other countries, the aesthetic is decidedly bright & peppy. Not unlike the brilliant weather that California gets year round. http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/341748029242731/ Then, this session of MAAD is running a collaboration with 20byTWO, as a Singapore & Malaysia fashion exchange during this round of their monthly bazaar/flea market. It features 10 local brands like Al&Alicia and Amen, as well as 10 Malaysian brands for a pop-up store, curated by Tongue in Chic & Fashionspace. 7…

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    URARAA x Mono+ Emporium Party

    The launch party was a success! We had cake, fashion, music, balloons and a lot of fun meeting old & new faces during the lunch event. Many thanks to our sponsors Cake Over Heels, Nior Spa & Mission Juice for providing the extra fun to our event & keeping our customers well pampered with food & treats!                      

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    It’s been a busy few months. We were at the STClassifieds’ Fashion & IT Showcase in July. Then this weekend, we are off to the Public Garden market event at the MICA building on Hill Street on Saturday & Sunday (17 & 18 August).   Finally we are holding a fun lunchtime CBD shopping event at Mono+ Emporium at International Plaza #02-27 on 24 August 12noon – 2pm. With discounts galore and refreshments provided, it will be a fun getaway from the mundane office day! The event has kindly been sponsored by Cake Over Heels who will be organizing a lovely dessert table , cold-pressed juices from Mission Juice, and…

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    Haha. So long trendspotters. With the rise of Pinterest & Instagram, who needs trend forecasting services anymore? Unfortunately, there are people like me who are innately just very curious about things visually & explorers by heart, who will always lust for a job like that. But but I can take pics for free! & with pretty filters ! <3 Instagram Follow me at @uraraa123!                   1. URARAA at STClassifieds event over the weekend 2. The Mono+ & URARAA booth 3. Froyo from Mission Juice, one of our sponsors for our upcoming event! 4. Trunks & baskets at Arab St 5. Dessert at…

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    Ahh.. my own special Art Day. I went to a talk not too long ago & the speaker was talking about how everyone creative should go off & experience their own Art Days by themselves. I thought that was a very important thing, to refresh & renew. So of course I popped by the Singapore Art Museum. Loved it! Some really dark, brooding works by Chinese artist Jia Aili and then off to some interesting pop art-type stuff at the Art Garden at 8Q & the Learning Gallery. Pretty cool Asian contemporary stuff! What I love about art is that you look at it, you may or may not get…

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                  Snaps from the Blueprint Emporium market event back in May! Booths from designers like Mae Pang, Timo Weiland, Jonathan Simkhai, Yeojin Bae, as well as pop-up stores by Nana & bird, Butter Factory’s Nightvision Online, Granny’s Day Out! Photos from their Facebook page. I didn’t manage to go, but it does look pretty cool! I hope they could possibly make this a regular market event, as they have the marketing to attract the crowds and push for a prominent & cool fashion shopping event in Singapore.

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                Went to Brightspot Market in Jakarta for the weekend. It’s a huge bi-annual market full of booths selling items that are designed by Indonesian labels and mainly made locally as well. There was everything from denim to jewellery to women’s dresses to food. Great vibe & atmosphere that gave a really unique shopping experience. Reminded me of UNIQUE LA, or some of the market weeks at the Cal mart in Los Angeles. I suppose the closest we have here is MAAD which happens like every month at the Red Dot Museum, or some of the other ad hoc market events like Public Garden &…

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    Cool, not-so pretentious fashion.. That’s what these girls at ERIIN are doing for their online store. Selling independent labels such as RBRTH, Al & Alicia, Kahlo and other Asian & Australian brands at pretty affordable prices, the ERIIN girls are bringing a little bit of easy fashion items to your doorstep! Definitely inspired to organize an event & to do more collaborations with other creatives! Holler!

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    Audi fashion week was a better event that I went to see – the RAOUL FW 2012 fashion show. Lots of 60’s influence with the geometric graphic prints, houndstooth, oranges & greens, and mod dresses. I’m not a big fan of the 60’s but I can see the trend carrying on for Fall 2012 too. I liked the styling of the hair & the makeup for the models – topknot braided buns & thick doe-eyed eyeliner. And of course there were plenty of people to look at too! Ashley Islam was there, along with Dick Lee, Shabnam Melwani (from the JayGee group), of course the Benjamins, and Tallulah Harlech (fashion…

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    Went to Blueprint trade show to have a peek over the past week. Here are some shots from the fashion shows featuring local designer labels like SUNDAYS, Elohim & Possi-tilly-ty. The trade show was still very small, with a focus on Singapore & regional design labels. Price points were pretty high for retail, honestly, very nice to look at, but I wouldn’t spend that much money on accessories:( I didn’t have much a chance to check out the Blueprint Emporium sale event, but think that might have been a better call. & more fun! I’m not sure this tradeshow thing will really take off in Singapore, considering the market is…