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Went to Brightspot Market in Jakarta for the weekend. It’s a huge bi-annual market full of booths selling items that are designed by Indonesian labels and mainly made locally as well. There was everything from denim to jewellery to women’s dresses to food. Great vibe & atmosphere that gave a really unique shopping experience. Reminded me of UNIQUE LA, or some of the market weeks at the Cal mart in Los Angeles. I suppose the closest we have here is MAAD which happens like every month at the Red Dot Museum, or some of the other ad hoc market events like Public Garden & Creme. However, not quite as large scale!
 Jakarta is a very vibrant city- everyone dresses up to go to the mall! You can find pretty much anything there, like the Eames exhibit where they replicated the Eames house full of Eames furniture. Also, amazing restaurants with a lot of attention to detail in the decor, antique shopping streets, wholesale markets and dilapidated buildings in the Old City Kota Tua.


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