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I know i know.. it’s kind of a faux pas to take photos at an art gallery or show.. but where would other designers get inspiration from? We constantly ‘host’ other images on our blogs etc and they are purely for inspirational ideas. No worries, I don’t intend to copy the prints or art pieces to screenprint them on some shirt or something. But I LOVE art!. Love Love all the bright pops of colours! I think as artsy people, there is no way to get around not having colour in whatever we create. and you can tell how it’s so interlinked, the colours, the mood,.. you see an exhibit in like the Whitney and then suddenly you see all the same references popping up on the runway not too long later. There’s definitely a great connection between the 2 worlds, isn’t there?
I’ve also decided that when I’m a little older and more established, I’m going to be an art collector! But yes, why not start now?









Image credit: Pinterest

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