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    9 Sexy Crop Tops for Summer for every budget

    With the warmer weather comes itsy bitsy crop tops that are perfect as we head towards sultry summer nights. Although it’s not a style for everyone, we like how the new crop top silhouette falls somewhere in between a bikini top and a bralette. Think seriously sexy tie-front or twisted tops that show off your midriff, and paired with a matching bottom like a skirt or pants, or even more fitted and sophisticated styles for an elegant cocktail party or event. We find you the 9 sexiest crop tops for your budget, but first let’s take some inspiration from these ladies:

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    How to Wear Belt Bags and Fanny Packs| Fashion Trends 2018

    Yup you heard it right, fanny packs are back in fashion! Of course these aren’t your 90s style fanny packs, but they’ve been upgraded and luxed up. Cue the parade of It girls like Kendall Jenner, Rocky Barnes, Aimee Song wearing the latest Gucci belt bag around their waist recently. But how does this fashion trend work for the rest of us? For anyone who isn’t a size 0-2 model or blogger, how can you pull off this look while still looking stylish and not adding bulk? We give you the lowdown on how to wear it in a stylish way that fits your body.

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          Wish I had even more closeups of her outfits, but I think you get the gist! meat couches, meat dress, bike with her head attached to it etc. Too cool to be true! Wish there had been MORE! xx

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    Okok.. I’m so stoked for the Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball, heading to Singapore this coming Monday! My friends & I managed to grab tickets for the 1st day before it was sold and before they started adding 2 more days for the gig here. I’m not sure what I’ll be wearing (but I will definitely be dressing up!) I did however come across the Versace Fall 2012 campaign and it totally looked like it was inspired by her “Edge of Glory” MTV or something..? The blunt bangs, fishnet stockings, goth look, industrial chains etc. Okay, maybe a very toned-down version, but I’m completely not surprised here. She is…

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    Yeah I know she didn’t win The Voice, but her style was just plain awesome!. From the super grungy 70s rock vibe to sophisticated padded & studded evening gowns to some really goth-looking Victoria’s Secret-esque wings, this girl embodied the whole modern rocker girl to the core! I loved how she really used her dresses/costumes? as part of the whole stage performance, like her wings & the cape that was part of her red dress. She really reminded me of Florence Welch at certain points; you can really tell she has great stage presence. Plus, her gritty voice was one of a kind. I’m so sad the show ended.. anyway,…

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    Boy, oh boy! Love this girl.. her fierce but still very cool & sexy style. She fronts the latest Chanel Boy bag campaign for 2012. Chanel was always kind of goth/edgy in a way, wasn’t it? I could always identify with it in that sense haha:) Got to mix up the goody-goody tweeds with some edge, right? Anyway, I love the pearl hairpins in her hair!!           Images credit: Vogue.com

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    Ooohhh… trying to decorate a space is pretty exciting for anybody I think. My inspiration lately has been this though – vintage silver-plated serving ware, glass, corals & wood… Kind of a mix of that earthy/baroque-y/industrial feel, but I love it! Yeah I know it can also be a little dark, but it’s still modern enough to exist in today’s world, as you can see from the pictures below. Enjoy!                 Images credit: Pinterest