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    Yup! There I said it. It applies to everything fashion. You want to look different from everyone else, but you don’t want to look too different from everyone else. Get it? You still need to follow the trends but style yourself your own way with by mixing & matching. #tipoftheday (I for one like the strangest things – zombies, grindhouse, oldoldold buildings, baroque style, comedy nights, whisky)

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    Sure, this blog is not completely about fashion, but I think that that world comprises of something far bigger. To me, fashion is a lifestyle- something that covers everything from cool interiors in a new bar, to the latest art exhibit to business ideas to an amazing life full of content & happiness doing what you love. The problem is trying to listen to others who think they know who you are. Because at the very essence of doing what you love, is YOU. I came into this business knowing exactly what I’ve been doing with my life this whole time. I love the mix of business & art, work…

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    Been so backlogged, been wanting to post this for ages too!.. Love how Rumi wears her cropped Alexander Wang sweater under so many layers of long sleeves/jackets/dresses. I can’t figure out how many layers she is actually wearing there. Great great mix~ Trying to experiment with layering myself – cropped tops over dresses, long drapey tanks over other tank tops/dresses with a belt, layering dresses over dresses. Not such a fun thing to do in the tropics, but hey we have to try. Just love how you can get inspired from someone else’s style that makes me & no doubt everyone of you want to try to pull it off too. Of course,…

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    Thanks to the lovely Sylvie & Elizabeth at La Placard, my closet & outfits were featured on their blog! When I moved back home last year, I took over my room & old closets again. And as a result, it still contains mismatched hangers and some very, very old clothes. Not something I’m very proud of, but nonetheless, it holds many interesting treasures to me – items that I’ve picked up from the different places that I’ve lived in and the different stages of my life. Definitely not as slick as my walk-in wardrobe in LA, but a wardrobe full of amazing memories! It was definitely very difficult to choose what items to…

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    Melbourne has some of the most amazing street art, and some of them can be found in a little laneway in the city called Hosier Lane. Here are some more photos from my trip. Never fail to get inspired by the colours & graphics of street art.    

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    Happy 2011! I’m back and I’m so excited about what this year is going to bring. I thought I’d do a list of 5 “Dress-o-lutions” that you should never have to follow because I don’t believe in fashion rules. This year I promise not to: 1. Dress my age. I’m hitting a milestone this year in my life, but I dont feel like I want to wear all my skirts below the knee just yet! 2. Try on winter coats in Zara to imagine what it feels like to have 4 seasons & endless layering possibilities. 3. Buy shoes that are too small just because they look cute or are on sale.…

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    The End of the End

    left to right: Pre-Fall 2010 J.Mendel, Thakoon, Rag & Bone 2010 is here, 2009 has come & gone. Every blog has put up their version of the Best & Worst of 2009 in fashion blah blah blah & basically talked about the same thing: The Rise of the Fashion Blogger into Stardom Was reading Gawker’s article about how this has spiraled out of control & hopes it’s a trend that will die. Yeah, I never found it terribly inspiring either. As someone who does work in the industry, it’s never fun to realise that people without any relevant background are suddenly stars. Call it sour grapes, but this industry is…