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    Cool, not-so pretentious fashion.. That’s what these girls at ERIIN are doing for their online store. Selling independent labels such as RBRTH, Al & Alicia, Kahlo and other Asian & Australian brands at pretty affordable prices, the ERIIN girls are bringing a little bit of easy fashion items to your doorstep! Definitely inspired to organize an event & to do more collaborations with other creatives! Holler!

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    Came across this while browsing through the film screening booklet for the National Museum of Singapore. Old Mexican films in black & white. Even better, old Mexican Vampire films – El Vampiro. That’s exactly up my alley! I lean towards the strange & dark sometimes, the more different the better. But look at the visual imagery it’s given us! Lots. Too bad I missed all the films:(        

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    From the Chimera art exhibit at the Singapore Art Museum. Great vibrant colours. I love the moving peacocks with the zithers- love the colours & layers! Not to mention the Kusama & Murakami pieces. Contemporary Asian art at its best! The age of Warhol & Lichtenstien are sadly over – sorry America. I’m anxiously waiting for the Kusama exhibit to open at the upcoming Ota Fine Art gallery in SG.            

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    I know i know.. it’s kind of a faux pas to take photos at an art gallery or show.. but where would other designers get inspiration from? We constantly ‘host’ other images on our blogs etc and they are purely for inspirational ideas. No worries, I don’t intend to copy the prints or art pieces to screenprint them on some shirt or something. But I LOVE art!. Love Love all the bright pops of colours! I think as artsy people, there is no way to get around not having colour in whatever we create. and you can tell how it’s so interlinked, the colours, the mood,.. you see an exhibit…

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    Hehe. Halloween is such a big thing for fashion people isn’t it? We like to dress up and what other better occasion to express our creativity & wear some extravagant clothes? What other day is it okay to dress up in a crazy get-up & then wish you could do it everyday? Of course, if you’re a true fashion lover, every day is just a normal day to get all dressed up – look at Lady Gaga, Anna Dello Russo & Daphne Guinness. If I had all this money & time, surely I’d wear something spectacular hands-down every day! Well, my costume this year is inspired by this photoshoot of the latest color…