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    Spring Summer Trend 2018: Woven bags and accessories you need to get your hands on

    via @mowoblog Red hot trend alert! The woven bag trend isn’t going anywhere for Spring Summer 2018, in fact, we think the trend is getting stronger, as the weather gets warmer! Plain woven bags, coloured wovenbags, handpainted woven bags, woven bags with tassels, pom poms and all sorts of fringe, and made from all sorts of materials – straw, raffia, wicker etc… we count down the top 15 beautiful woven bags and accessories that we’re currently obsessed with, and you need to buy!

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    5 Emerging Fashion Designers that you need to know in 2018

    Instead of mindlessly browsing through the endless number of contemporary clothing brands online for hours, we’ve narrowed down 5 that you need to know about now. High-street and mainstream labels are so passe, what you really need to know these days is the emerging fashion designers that not everyone is wearing yet. These are now the new classic brands that every girl should have in their wardrobe to set you apart from the rest.

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    15 Summer Floral Dresses you must have now in 2018

    via @spell_byronbay We’re so inspired by the fabulous floral dresses at Spell from the previous post, that we wanted to highlight some more summer floral dresses that we’ve got our eyes on. If you want an alternative to Spell, what other emerging fashion brands are out there that also make beautiful floral print dresses? We scoured the internet for feminine florals & they weren’t too hard to find.

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    About URARAA

    URARAA is your best friend guide to everything fashion, lifestyle, and design trending out there on the interwebs. We are THAT friend who recommends the best of the best of everything out there, while keeping you looking and feeling good with a side of tough love, because we want the best for you. This is the everything site for finding the latest fashion brands, influencers and places to discover and hang out with online and in person. OUR STORY Sherise has worn several hats in the fashion industry from merchandising to design to production to sales and marketing. She’s been to the trade shows at MAGIC, lived in a clothing…